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Annual Practice Fee



Please use this page ONLY to pay your annual practice fee. This is a fee that is due yearly in May.

After entering your demographic information along with the names and dates of birth for each of your children, please enter the amount due based upon below:

  • Existing families $350/child up to a Family Maximum of $850
  • New families, except newborns, who join the practice:
    May-July $350/child as above
  • August-October $262.50/child (2 children $525, 3 children $787.50, etc.)
    November-January $175/child (2 children $350, 3 children $225, etc.)
    February-April $87.50/child (2 children $175, 3 children $262.50, etc.)

All other payments should be completed through our patient portal account at Westside Pediatrics Patient Portal.

**IMPORTANT: As HSA and FSA programs vary greatly, please check with your program administrator to determine if this annual practice fee is HSA or FSA eligible**

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